How Desiree Doubled Her Business, Added Leverage and Gained Back Time in Her Life


Like many of us, when Desiree got into real estate she wasn't aware of all that it takes to build a successful real estate company and for seven years her real estate career was a side job. In 2014, Desiree sold 18 homes and following year sold 24 homes! She continued to succeed in her career and eventually had so much business that her husband quit his job to help grow the business too. In 2018 she hired a transaction coordination company to take work off her plate and her business nearly doubled.

  • She went from selling 28 homes to 52 homes after making that hire and experienced her first taste of leverage.
  • Now Desiree is building a team within a team. 
  • She has the guidance of KCN behind her to help her through her growing pains.
  • She's also working less than she used to and has extra time to spend with her family. (She's a mother of four and cares for two of her nephews - she has a busy home!)
  • Desiree recommends for new agents to start building a database ASAP.
  • They...
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How Michelle Sold 60 Homes in Her First 18 Months as a Real Estate Agent


Michelle was born in Alaska and currently works at the KW Alaska office. Michelle left a stable job as the director of an elite sales team at private school for a career in real estate more than two years ago. Despite her experience as a top producing sales person, Michelle never wanted a 100% commission job because she worried about not knowing where her next paycheck would come from. AND if it weren't for a friend introducing her to Kristi Mock, the team leader and listing specialist for our Alaska office, she would have never considered making the switch.

  • Michelle sold 20 homes in her first 8 months as a real estate agent and then sold another 40 in the next 12 months for a total of 60 homes.
  • Almost 50% of that business came from open houses.
  • Michelle knew she could execute so she took the leap into real estate. She was so confident in herself, that she cashed in her 401K to help cover expenses during the first couple months while she ramped up.
  • She recognized that if...
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KCN, The Most Referred Expansion Real Estate Network

KCN has become the most referred expansion real estate network. In 2022, we managed to close 60 referrals generated $27,380,940 in volume.  We are on track to close 2500 transactions and $1,000,000,000 in volume this year.

You must wonder how?

They say success does not come easy, but it comes to those who dare to think uniquely. Hence we created a slogan that represents the 4 pillars of our philosophy, and it is

“Grit, Grace, Growth and Give”

We at KCN believe that every human interaction can turn into a powerful resource you know as a referral. These referrals play a vital role in building relationships and penetrating untapped markets. Do it right, and it will generate exponential revenues for your business. Our figures are the factual proof demonstrated in the graphics below solidifies our claim.

If you are a real estate business, my advice for you is to nurture every single interaction. It is all about consistency and credibility. Strive towards...

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