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Michelle Mueller's Plan to Sell 52 Homes During Her First 18 Months in Real Estate

success story Dec 02, 2020
Michelle is a go-getter.
She's been a high performing sales professional for most of her career and just recently made the switch to real estate. This story is about how she sold 26 homes in her first 12 months as a real estate agent and then sold 26 more in the next 6 months for a total of 52 homes.

Michelle's Path to Success

Michelle was born in Alaska and early in her life moved to Nevada with her mom. Then moved back to Alaska because she missed her family and the free, unencumbered lifestyle that you can only find on the last frontier.
Michelle was young and impressionable when she moved  to Nevada and she remembers her mom working hard... Michelle's mom was a single mother and basically re-started her life at 40. She went back to school to get her degree and worked a full-time job at the same time.
That really left an impression on Michelle. Her work ethic today is partly a result of how she was raised and the example her mom set for...
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Is Building a Team Really Worth It?

success story Aug 05, 2020

If you sell more than 20 homes a year that puts you in the top 20% of real estate agents. You've probably considered starting a team so that you can serve more people, build a name for yourself, make more money, have more free time, and even leave a legacy.

"Now Desiree is building a team within a team. She doesn't have to take on extra expenses to do it and she has the guidance of KCN behind her to help her through her growing pains."

However if you started a team, you probably experienced the growing pains that go along with building a team.

I went through those growing pains too and I speak to agents everyday that are in the same place you are. That's why I want to share this story with you...

We'll look at Desiree Basua's success, why she decided to build a team, and how she's building her team so that you can determine if building a team is the next step for your business.

Desiree's Path to Success

Like many of us, when Desiree got into real estate she wasn't aware of all...

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