Deep Dive with the DISC


Taught LIVE on Zoom

November 3rd | 10:00am - 12:00pm PT / 1:00pm - 3:00pm ET

While hiring and training talent is an extremely important pillar, understanding the DISC assessment and how it can impact your business is a game changer. 

DISC is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

Join us as we will dive into the characteristics of each behavior style, understanding your own and how to relate to others and DISC strategies for team growth and retention. 









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What You'll Learn


The DISC assessment and how it can impact your business.


Improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.


Strategies for effective communication.

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About Your Instructors

Patrick James

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Patrick James quickly excelled to being a top single agent and then to owning/operating a high performing real estate team at Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group. He led a leadership team and consulted with top Realtors at Keller Williams Executives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado from October 2016 - March 2021. As a Team Leader for Keller Williams Realty, it was an incredible life-changing experience filled with both successes and challenges. His passion is to make a positive generational impact on fellow Realtors and Leaders in the real estate community. Growthward Consulting has customizable consulting plans available for all real estate brokers and brokerages, as well as training workshops with a variety of relevant topics. Patrick is available for in-person workshops, and 1:1 consulting for individual Realtors, Teams, and Leadership. Contact Patrick today!

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Zack Tobiasz

Zack has a passion for education and service to others. His medical background focused on physical therapy with geriatric and dementia patients. He quickly went into a leadership role that would have him oversee a team of therapists. He was a dual career agent for years and later translated his passion into a coaching career. He has coached agents across the country on how to grow their business, how to overcome fears and limitations, and focus on the small activities that will compound success. His diverse background allows him to relay important information in a way that’s easy to understand which helps his clients grow their business to its full potential.  

 Living in Colorado for 12 years Zack has grown his interests in hiking, skiing, meditation and is a member of the Denver Astronomical society.

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