Michelle Mueller's Plan to Sell 52 Homes During Her First 18 Months in Real Estate

success story Dec 02, 2020
Michelle is a go-getter.
She's been a high performing sales professional for most of her career and just recently made the switch to real estate. This story is about how she sold 26 homes in her first 12 months as a real estate agent and then sold 26 more in the next 6 months for a total of 52 homes.

Michelle's Path to Success

Michelle was born in Alaska and early in her life moved to Nevada with her mom. Then moved back to Alaska because she missed her family and the free, unencumbered lifestyle that you can only find on the last frontier.
Michelle was young and impressionable when she moved  to Nevada and she remembers her mom working hard... Michelle's mom was a single mother and basically re-started her life at 40. She went back to school to get her degree and worked a full-time job at the same time.
That really left an impression on Michelle. Her work ethic today is partly a result of how she was raised and the example her mom set for her.
It's important to understand where Michelle comes from because her success in real estate is no coincidence. It's the result of a well thought-out plan and hard work.
Michelle left a stable job as the director of an elite sales team at private school for a career in real estate just 18 months ago.
Since starting her new career, Michelle sold 52 homes! Almost 50% of that business came from open houses.
Despite her experience as a top producing sales person, Michelle never wanted a 100% commission job because she worried about not knowing where her next paycheck would come from. AND if it weren't for a friend introducing her to Kristi Mock, the team leader and listing specialist for our Alaska office, she would have never considered making the switch.
Luckily, Kristi and I had the chance to sit down with her and create a plan to help her replace the six-figure income she made as a sales director.

Michelle's Simplified Plan

  • 4 open houses a month
  • 100 calls a week
  • 4 new buyers a month
  • 4 contracts a month

Michelle's Detailed Plan

Notice, those goals are SMART. They're specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. They're also very simple and tied to the behaviors that produce good outcomes. In business school those activities would be called leading indicators; meaning they indicate results before they actually happen.
Michelle knew she could execute on that plan so she took the leap into real estate. She was so confident in herself, that she cashed in her 401K to help cover expenses during the first couple months while she ramped up.
She also knew what she was going focus on... Open houses.
She recognized that if she could get in front of just one buyer that doesn't have a real estate agent and have a good conversation with them, an open house was worth her time. So she committed to her goal of doing 4 a month and in the last 12 months 50% of her business came from open houses.
If you're working on your business plan for 2021, try to keep it simple and focus your goals on leading indicators instead of lagging indicators.

Michelle's Future Looks Bright

Now she's looking into the future and has big plans. She's determined to break through the normal ceiling that most buyer agents hit and work with up to 20 buyers a month. Part of the reason she's able to do that is because of the support she gets from KCN and Kristi.
The support enables her to focus on her 20% and work with more buyers because of it. It also allows her to set boundaries around her work schedule which is really important. For example on Sundays, she doesn't work. No exceptions. And she's currently trying to set a boundary about how late she works, although that's still in progress.
Nonetheless, Michelle found what she was looking for in a real estate. A career that gives her flexibility and the opportunity earn a six-figure income. Now she's excited, because she feels confident that her career is stable enough for her husband to make a career change as well. She also plans to upgrade her home in a few years.
Michelle is an excellent example of what it takes to be successful in real estate.
If you're interested in talking with us, we can help you make a plan like the one we made for Michelle. And if you already have a plan, perhaps we can help you achieve it.
Either way feel free to call, text, or email our Director of Expansion, Luis Carmona, and get in touch. His phone number is (805)390-1536 and his email is [email protected]
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