Is Building a Team Really Worth It?

success story Aug 05, 2020

If you sell more than 20 homes a year that puts you in the top 20% of real estate agents. You've probably considered starting a team so that you can serve more people, build a name for yourself, make more money, have more free time, and even leave a legacy.

"Now Desiree is building a team within a team. She doesn't have to take on extra expenses to do it and she has the guidance of KCN behind her to help her through her growing pains."

However if you started a team, you probably experienced the growing pains that go along with building a team.

I went through those growing pains too and I speak to agents everyday that are in the same place you are. That's why I want to share this story with you...

We'll look at Desiree Basua's success, why she decided to build a team, and how she's building her team so that you can determine if building a team is the next step for your business.

Desiree's Path to Success

Like many of us, when Desiree got into real estate she wasn't aware of all that it takes to build a successful real estate company and for seven years her real estate career was a side job. She made the majority of her money managing a Walgreens. Then one day, they accidentally fired her and she never went back. The regional manager even called Desiree to ask if she would come back to work, but she had already moved on to a full-time career in real estate.

That was in 2014 and during that year she sold 18 homes! The next year she sold 24 homes! And so it went, she continued to succeed in her career and eventually she had so much business that her husband quit his job to help grow the business too.

In 2018 she hired a transaction coordination company to take work off her plate and her business nearly doubled. She went from selling 28 homes to 52 homes after making that hire and experienced her first taste of leverage.

At that point, Desiree cut paychecks every month to pay her showing assistant (her husband) and a transaction coordination company. She essentially had a team! Then she joined Keller Williams and took a class called BOLD that showed her she could grow her business as big as she wanted to.


After that class she decided she was going to grow her team beyond just her and her husband. Unfortunately, she realized that growing her team meant she would have to hire more admin support which likely meant taking a temporary pay cut. She would also have to work even more hours than she already did in order to serve her clients and train her new team members.

Desiree wanted to build a team to work less and earn more, not the opposite. So she and her husband re-thought how they were going to build their team. They started by asking themselves why they really wanted to build a team and ultimately decided that they care most about profitability for the business and their team members.

I met her around that time and we got to talking. We figured out that KCN could help Desiree cut expenses and take work off her plate so that she could focus on training her agents to grow their businesses, because if her agents do well, she does well and her profit grows.

Now Desiree is building a team within a team. She doesn't have to take on extra expenses to do it and she has the guidance of KCN behind her to help her through her growing pains.

She's also working less than she used to and has extra time to spend with her family. (She's a mother of four and cares for two of her nephews - she has a busy home!)

When I asked Desiree what she recommends for new agents, she said they need to start building a database ASAP. She also said they should join a team so they can learn the business quickly and avoid the upfront expenses that typically cause people to leave the business.

Should you start a team?

The answer depends. If you're like Desiree and want build a team without taking on extra expenses and more work, building a team isn't your best choice.

On the other hand, if you want to take the risk and put in the hours so that you can build a legacy, then starting a team is probably a good option for you.

Of course there is always the option of starting a team within a team so that you can have the best of both worlds.

If you'd like to learn more about how Desiree is building a team within a team, reach out to our Director of Growth, Luis Carmona at (805)390-1536 or [email protected]

He can help you plan your next steps and overcome any obstacles you might be facing. He does that everyday with KCN agents like Desiree.

To Your Success,

Kristan Cole

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