Make Money Work For You with Chris Bird


In-Person: Phoenix
Virtual: Zoom

Thursday October 5th 
8:00am - 5:00pm PT // 11:30am - 8:00pm ET

Chris Bird teaches investment and tax strategies that he has learned over his 30 years of financial experience. You will learn how to analyze real estate investments as well as how to use the tax code to generate the highest return from your investments.

"The strategies and tactics taught by Chris are what set me up for my incredible wealth journey, sign up today to find out the HOW" - Kristan Cole 









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What You'll Learn

Discover how to put your money to work for you and keep more of what you earn. 

Master the Top Ten Tax & Solid Investment Strategies for 2023.

Investigate what type of holding entities support your personal & business goals.

About Your Instructor

Chris Bird

Chris Bird has been in the financial business for over 30 years.   He started his career with a degree in Accounting and a minor in Business Administration.  He also holds the Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP).  Chris is enrolled to practice before the IRS. (EA) 
Chris was a Senior IRS agent for 16 years. He began conducting courses after leaving the IRS and started his own company, Chris Bird Seminars, Inc.  Chris conducts over 150 seminars a year on income tax planning, financial planning, wealth building, residential rental property ownership, and tax strategies for the real estate and financial industries nationwide. 
Chris was an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois in tax law for 20 years.  He is an instructor for the Auburn University Tax Schools and he teaches in the Midwest under the name of  Chris has a unique way of making a tough subject (taxes and investments) entertaining and enlightening at the same time.